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Zip Food Handler provides the easiest and most affordable way for a food worker to get a safe food handler card. The 2 hour online course is split into 7 chapters, with a practice quiz at the end of each chapter. After learners finish the course, they take a 40 question assessment and, if they pass with 70% or better, they can download and print their food worker card and provide it to their manager.
  • Student must enroll in the course and complete their profile
  • Student must affirm their identity
  • Student must complete the course material online
  • Student must complete the on-line assessment with a passing grade of 70% or better
  • Once the student passes the assessment, they will be issued a certificate and be able to download it in pdf format
  • Recognize how improperly cooked or stored food can cause illness
  • Prevent contamination of food and food contact surfaces with the hands and body
  • Describe how to clean and sanitize dishes, equipment and food preparation areas
  • Explain the danger of food contamination from pesticides and cleaning products
  • Use time and temperature control throughout the food cycle, from receiving, to storing, to preparing, to serving and reheating.
  • Maintain a clean environment for the receiving, preparation and service of food.
  • Recognize special processes to follow with individuals who have food allergies.